Terms and Conditions

Definitions of Some Important Terms:

a. “New Age Securities” refers to the company which vends their services and products to any client or customer, confirming the deal on a consequent quotation and invoice.
b. “New Age Securities Products” means any product or solution marketed by the New Age Securities Company. These products are sold as per their description and conditions promised on their site and in the invoice.
c. “Customer Support” refers to the technical or sales related assistance that any customer or buyer might require before or after having purchased a product.
d. “Invoice” means that letter of confirmation a customer is provided with after they have ordered a product and consequently received it.

Prices of Products and their Payments:

a. Discounts and concessions are not given to any customer or buyer by New Age Securities unless it has been specified beforehand during the purchase or ordering process.
b. The full payment for the product being bought from New Age Securities is expected to be paid when the customer receives the product, or before if they choose to.
c. All taxes placed on the product will conform to where the customer lives, what the government allows, and also any value added ones. The customer must bear all this.

Product Received by the Customer:

a. A New Age Security Product can be returned as per the return policy of the company up to 30 days since it has been shipped along with the invoice. Any refund or replacement will only be carried out when the situation is in accordance with the refund policy of the company.
b. In case you have received a product from New Age Securities, and found that there is any fault or defect in it, you can notify our support team or the seller within 5 days. If you don’t within the ten days, we will deem that the customer is satisfied with the product and our service.
c. If someone is returning their product for the refund process, they must ensure that the product is returned in the provided packaging. The product must be in its original condition and conform to the details mentioned in their invoice.

Availing the Warranty:

a. New Age Security services withhold the right to provide warranty to any customer if they have not met with the required standards after purchase and in case of any loss or irregular use. The warranty period begins from the day the invoice has been received by the customer in all cases.
b. Our warranty services are considered null and void if the customer has tampered with our product either intentionally or unintentionally. As a result, any accident or external damage done to the product will mean that New Age Security is not obliged to provide warranty services.
c. The warranty services will be available only in the country the customer has purchased it in, and cannot be availed anywhere else. If there is any manufacturing defect or fault on behalf of New Age Securities, then we will extend the full range of our warranty services that the customer deserves.
These are some of important terms and conditions that all of our customers should know and stick to, as do we at New Age Securities when we sell our products.