Privacy Policy

Purview of the Policy:

New Age Securities Privacy Policy applies to all New Age Securities products, their sellers, contractors and anyone who is working for New Age Securities. They are a Self-Regulatory organization. This applies to us in cases such as:

i. Offline Contacts:
Those who we meet in person, face to face at any event or situation, are known as our offline contacts. Our policy applies to any interaction or exchange of information with them.
ii. Online contacts and special instances:
The individuals or groups we establish contact with through phone calls, for either sales, services or customer support, are known as our online contacts. The information obtained from them is subject to our privacy policy. This includes contacts we obtain from special instances such as mutual contacts, emails, letters, etc.
iii. Resellers:
Any individual or group that tries to join our reseller program will be subject to information collection processes. This may include data regarding their representatives or contact channels.

Auto- Generated Information that we collect when you visit our Website:
We collect information that gets generated whenever you visit our website for any purpose. Some of these are about:

i. Web Analytics and other tools:
We analyze the information updated in the cookies on your system. For this purpose we can use either Google Analytics tool or Firebase Analytics. This information is useful for us to get a picture of how you utilize our website. This information becomes important for the analytics to evaluate our site. No information of yours will ever be traced back to you or made public. You have the freedom to block this process by turning off cookies from your web browser.
ii. Information from Cookies and More:
A ‘cookie’ is the file that gets placed in the hard disk of your system when you visit our site. Useful information can be gathered from cookies such as geographical location of the user, their viewing preference on our website, and others. This information is beneficial to both us and our customers. We can offer a host of services and information based on their geographical location. It also allows us to market our products in a language you are familiar with, etc.

All information that we collect when you purchase any of our products or take our customer assistance services and more:

i. When you visit our site to view our products and when you purchase them, we receive information regarding your purchase details. This information is kept private as per our policy and will never be made public or misused. Furthermore, the information that gets collected when you register your product with us or claim warranty, etc, is also applicable by our privacy policy.
ii. When you enter your credentials for making a purchase, none of it is saved except your personal details like name and purchase address. This also includes your email address and if you gave your contact details, number. This data is carefully stored to meet their purpose without compromising your privacy in any way.
Therefore, these are the important sections which give you a basic understanding about New Age Securities Privacy Policy which we maintain and uphold.