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4G Mobile Jammer

Everything you should know about 4G Mobile Phone Jammer

March 6, 2018 Deepak Kumar

Nowadays, the mobile phones are a one-stop solution to a number of tasks like payment of bills, work, gaming, personal health, texting, etc. From making calls to navigating new places, sending emails, and getting the information at fingertips, there are a lot of tasks you can be able to perform via your mobile phone. With the increasing use of the mobile phones, the chances of information theft are also increasing. In order to ensure the safeguarding of the information, the mobile phone jammers were introduced. A 4g mobile phone jammer is basically a device that stops the signals coming from the base station to reach the mobile phones.

Most of the times, all of us come across this message “Please switch off your mobile phone” at various places like temples, cinema halls, banks, etc. But do you really switch off your mobile phone? Honestly, the answer would be “No”. Making use of the mobile phones in a bank where a lot of confidential data is handled can be quite threatening to the sensitive information. Moreover, it becomes irritating when you listen to different types of loud ringtones in temples or churches. Therefore, to get rid of such disturbances, the 4g signal blockers are widely used nowadays.

Working of a 4G Mobile Phone Jammer:

A mobile phone jammer simply works by causing intrusion between the base station and a mobile phone. For instance, suppose JS refers to the RF signal coming from the jammer and MS refers to the signal between the base station and the cell phone. To disrupt the communication, the jammer device sends the JS signals with a greater power as to match with the frequency of the MS signals. JS signals sent with a greater power causes interference to MS signals so that a mobile phone user could not be able to access the mobile phone.

As soon as a mobile phone jammer comes into ACTIVE mode, the phones do not show network signals. When the jammer goes to OFF mode, you can be able to access your mobile phone automatically as it would enable your network signals. This is how a 4G mobile phone jammer actually works.

Because there are different types of mobile phone jammers available in the market, you can choose the one as per the size of the room where you need to install a jammer. The range of jammer signals is dependent on the size of the jammer you choose i.e. the larger the size of a jammer, the larger area is covered by the jamming signals.

Applications of a 4G signal blocker:

i) Religious places:

The jammer devices are widely used in the religious places nowadays in order to ensure the safety of a temple and to get rid of noisy disturbances caused by a mobile phone’s ringtone.

ii) Conference rooms:

Receiving a call or a text message during the important meeting may distract you and may affect your concentration level. Therefore, a jammer is used in the conference rooms for disabling the network signals during the meeting.

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