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5 Reasons Why Sales Of Personal Cell Phone Jammer Soar In Recent Years

March 5, 2018 Deepak Kumar

The sales of personal cell phone jammers have soared in recent years.  Retailers are receiving thousands of orders for such devices on daily basis.  Though mobile phone jammer devices are not new, lately there has been a sharp increase in their popularity.


Here are 5 important reasons why sales of personal cell phone jammer soar in recent years:

  1. Prevent Students From cheating In Exams

Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational institutions have started making use of personal Cell phone jammers to prevent students from copying in exams.  The ringing of cell phone jammers disturb peace in classrooms. This is one more reason why schools are increasingly making use of cell phone jammers.  The use of a personal cell phone jammer helps in maintaining peace in classroom and ensure disturbance-free presentations.


  1. To Stop People From Disturbing Worshippers

The cell phone jammers are being increasingly used in worship places to stop people from disturbing worshippers. The worship places demand complete silence as people here come for meditation. The buzzing of cell phone devices breaks the meditation of worshippers.


  1. To Stop Terrorist Activities

The cell phone jammers are used by security agencies to stop terrorist activities by disturbing their communications. In the recent years, there has been a sudden surge in the terrorist activities and one reason for it is the evolution of the communication channels. Nowadays terrorist are increasingly using technologies to carry out their nefarious plans.


  1. People Have Become Fed Up Having To Hear Cell Phones

In today’s world, there is a cell phone in almost every hand. People have become fed up with having to hear cell phones buzzing around them. So they are turning to jamming devices that block signals to cell phones. The devices can be easily concealed in a pocket because they can be as small as a cigarette packet.


  1. End Annoying Interruptions On The Train

Most cell phone jammer buyers buy cell phone jamming devices to end annoying interruptions on the train, bus, restaurant, hospital or school. The restaurant owners, salon owners, bus drivers and hoteliers etc. Buying a personal cell phone signal blocker device ensure a peaceful atmosphere in their business premises. The small hand-held cell phone jammers send out radio signals of varying power that cut off mobile phone transmissions up to 30 feet radius.


A personal cell phone signal blocker device stops cell phones around you from making or receiving phone calls.  Thus preventing mobile phones from sending or receiving signals from Telecommunication channels. But it is not legal to use cell phone jammers everywhere. In India, though it is legal to use cell phone jammers you have to seek permission from authorities. On the other hand, In the U.S. and UK, the use of cell phone jammers is totally illegal. The use of cell phone jammer can land you behind bars.

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